Inflammatory Bowel Disease Confusion ~ Does Anyone Really Know What’s Going On?

If you’re reading this blog then I’m guessing that you know what it’s like to live with a chronic disease or at the very least you know someone who lives with a disease. Going about your day-to-day life with a condition like Inflammatory bowel disease can be daunting. Everyday starts with a question mark, everyday […]

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Humira Day

Humira Day

Today was a Humira filled day. Not only did I get my shipment of it, but it was also the day I was due for my shot.

I still don’t like injecting myself, for some reason it’s hard for me. With all that I’ve been through, I know that there are worse things.

So I take a deep breath, push the purple button and wait for the little yellow slider to come down and tell me all the medication is in me.

Then I keep holding my breath and hope that the Humira works also.

Never Stay Quiet.

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