Response From The Cincinnati Police Department About Using Ostomies As A Scare Tactic

As many of you know there has been a lot going on in the ostomy and IBD communities after the Cincinnati police department was using ostomies as a scare tactic to sway inner city youth from violent acts. Below is the response from the Interm Police Chief. ~Brian

Email from Lt. Col. Humphries – 8/2/13

To the Ostomy Community:

Like many American cities, Cincinnati has seen an increase in the number of juveniles involved in violent crime. Many of these juveniles become victims and suffer traumatic injuries as a result. In developing a strategy we contacted a local hospital trauma center which has a presentation that illustrates some life changing consequences of gun violence. Unfortunately, one of the examples used was of a gunshot victim who was now required to utilize a colostomy bag; and the news chose to highlight a poorly chosen comment by a Police Lieutenant when airing the story. To use the example of an ostomy bag in this way was a mistake. Although there was no ill will intended, the results were hurtful to some in the ostomy community and this will not be repeated.

I realize the way the news story was presented has offended many in the ostomy community, and for this I am truly sorry. As a result of the numerous contacts I received, I have taken steps to ensure this does not happen again. I have spoken to the Lieutenant involved in the story and his commander. Both are extremely troubled that such a well-meaning attempt to reduce the number of juveniles involved in gun violence offended so many. I addressed this with my command staff and Public Information Office to ensure we are all educated on the issue and to prevent any future occurrences. I also contacted Mr. Jeff Brogan, General Manager of WCPO regarding this issue.

I have attempted to individually answer emails, but I wanted to send a clearer message to everyone in the ostomy community. I am very sorry this happened and will work to ensure it does not happen in the future. I assure you this was a mistake on the part of well-meaning individuals and not a deliberate attempt to offend anyone.

I hope you will accept this apology on behalf of the Cincinnati Police Department.


Paul H. Humphries
Interim Police Chief
Cincinnati Police Department


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