Starting the Paleo Diet with Crohn’s Disease

We all hear about so many diets out there that might help us be healthier.  There are literally tons to choose from and try.  I’ve always recommended choosing one and then adjusting it to what your needs will be.  Every one of us has a different body, that works completely differently.  Not one of us have an IBD which acts exactly the same as another persons.  Yes, we all know people who have suffered through the same things, but with medications, different health therapies, diet and more we all can’t expect to have similar results to one another.

Cajun blackened salmon with steamed/roasted Brussels sprouts.
Cajun blackened salmon with steamed/roasted Brussels sprouts.

Trying to be as healthy as possible is always worth the effort, as long as we figure out what is good for our body.  Since I got out of the hospital last Tuesday I decided to try the Paleo Diet out.  Basically the Paleo diet, or what is also called the Cave Man Diet is eating anything that is naturally available to us.  Think meat, vegetables and fruit basically.  If it has flour, is a processed food with preservatives or isn’t natural it’s not allowed in your diet.

The idea behind it is to live off what the body is supposed to have in it, without all the preservative and processed foods that occur in our diets today.  Without all the unnatural ingredients going into our body, it will hopefully function more naturally and not have the problems that the normal diet in our society today causes.  And when you think about it, it all makes sense.  Imagine our bodies without fake sugars, fake preservatives, fake chemicals and more.  Of course it would work better and more efficiently.  We basically poison our bodies on a daily basis.

2 day marinated grilled chicken tenderloins with steamed/roasted green beans.
2 day marinated grilled chicken tenderloins with steamed/roasted green beans.

Now I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle.  Without taking this step I can confidently say that my diet in the past has probably been better than 98% of our society.  Still, I’ve decided to take it to another level and create a diet which works for me.  This is why I’m not only doing the Paleo Diet, but juicing and also cooking all of my food.

I’ve read in many places that our bodies aren’t made for eating raw vegetables and meats.  They are all supposed to break down by fire, which changes them to a softer state and allows us to digest them more.  Raw anything is going to be harder on the body and more difficult to digest than a cooked item.  This is why I’m also no longer eating anything raw.  If anything raw does go into my body, it will be in juice form.

Nurti Bullet Juicer.
Nurti Bullet Juicer.

A question I’ve received a lot recently is how I eat or tolerate vegetables and fruits.  This is where a person has to figure out what works well for them.  I can never try to eat a raw pepper or apple, but if I eat them in the right state I can get them into my system and enjoy them.  This is why I bought a juicer and cook all my food in the proper way for me.


First the cooking.  When I want a side of vegetables it’s a little bit of a process in order to get them to the point I’m comfortable eating them.  After preparing the vegetables the way I would like, I steam them till they are overly cooked and soft.  After that I usually roast them in the over with Olive Oil (To get the benefits of Olive Oil in my body).  These two steps put together cook the vegetables perfectly, a little crispy even and easier to digest than raw ones.  Trust me, this process makes them a lot easier to eat with confidence.

Organic all natural homemade sausage meatballs.
Organic all natural homemade sausage meatballs.


Juicing is an entirely new part of my diet.  At least once a day I make a smoothie with ingredients I have in the house.  Breaking them down into a juice before they go into my body.  This makes the fruit and vegetables much easier to digest and absorb.  Today for example I made a smoothie with banana, apple, avocado, mixed berries and yogurt.  It was delicious and since it was a natural juice I got all the benefits of eating them and more.

Avocado, mixed berries, banana, apple and yogurt smoothie.
Avocado, mixed berries, banana, apple and yogurt smoothie.

So those are some of the ways that I’ve made the Paleo Diet with juicing work for me more.  It’s not an overnight process of saying “Okay I’ll do this”, it takes time and patience to figure out what is right for you.  For example the other day I tried starting my day with a smoothie and learned quickly that my stomach can’t handle the acid that early in the day on an empty stomach.  It will take us all time to figure out what is going on.  In time though it will help our bodies by knowing we’re doing good for it AND it will help our minds to know we’re doing good for it.

In the post I’ve included pictures of some of the meals that I’ve made.  None of them take very long, are delicious and all natural.  I have slipped a couple of times the first week, but that is okay.  Most experts say it’s best to slowly adjust from a normal diet and make the switch to Paleo slowly.  Listen to your body and mind so you can understand what it is saying to you.  Don’t let either on them be silenced and make sure the NEVER STAY QUIET.

Never Stay Quiet!

2 thoughts on “Starting the Paleo Diet with Crohn’s Disease

  1. yes! Ive had crohns for 12 years and have been passionate about finding the best way to eat for my disease and after my first resection last spring I went Paleo and it is amazing how great I feel- I especially notice the difference in my joint pain and the re-connection site in my intestines- both calm and strong when I stick to Paleo 🙂 at 25 Im not ready for the terrifying potentials of remicade so Paleo is the easy, delicious and obvious choice 🙂

  2. I just stumbled onto this post when looking for information about Paleo and Crohn’s. I am a sufferer and I have recently decided to cut out gluten and refined sugar which by accident lead my down the paleo route. I don’t eat paleo (or rather I don’t label it). I just eat natural food (minus dairy).

    It has been amazing. Simply amazing. I am no longer tired. I have boundless energy and my stomach symptoms are basically gone.

    Just thought I’d pass that along.

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