Hospital Update: Day 8 But Hopefully Home Soon

Well today is day 8 actually in the hospital. This is by far and away the longest stay of my Crohn’s career for a non surgical visits. This has been a particularly hard one at times, mainly because of the roller coaster ride with pain and how it took a while to get answers. Looking back, trying to head home so quickly after the first few days was a mistake as well. But who wants to stay in the hospital?

Since we got answers a few days ago it has been slightly easier. Still its hard to be patient when you aren’t sure about what course of action to take. Just like so many other IBD related issues, the doctor doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. I get the normal talk about how we have to just wait and see how things go day by day, how medicine will help or not and then try to make a good decision. In my mind as the patient, its hour by hour even at times.


The good news that I have for you, is that things are improving. Yesterday I tried to eat a very small amount of real food. It didn’t sit badly and I wasn’t in pain. Today I’ve been able to handle real food as well. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a meal yet, but I have picked at what they send up to me as a snack. So far I was able to have a little bit of eggs and potatoes for breakfast, and part of a cheese quesadilla for lunch. Tonight I’m going to try a little bit of pasta.

I’ve been really patient with this because even though my appetite is better, I still know that my body isn’t ready for real protein or meat. When I even think about trying to digest anything like that right now I start to have pain. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I actually ate it. Depending on how tonight goes I might try to slowly eat a little bit of meat tomorrow. If all goes well at that point, probably home on Tuesday. I always try to listen to my body though and the fact that I don’t want to really eat means something. Clearly I’m not ready to go home yet.

No matter what I’m not going to rush it right now. I have so much I need to do and I have to get back on track. Trying to get out to quickly, ending up back here and not being productive isn’t an option right now. With my fingers crossed as tightly as I can be, hopefully all will go to plan and I’ll be out of here soon. A big plus also is that I don’t feel rushed to get out of here for any reason. The girl who I’ve been seeing has been INCREDIBLE and she just wants to see me better, but only under the right conditions.

Never Stay Quiet!


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