Haven’t Had Time To Blog

Recently life has been busy, very busy. Since the start of 2013, it feels like my life has been one thing after another. In this case many of the events being good. Life has been on a roll you could say and this has left me very little time to actually post here on the Intense Intestines Blog. In the grand scheme of things this is a good thing I guess, but I enjoy posting here and sharing my life and IBD stories to my followers.

Since the start of 2013 I’ve had a lot going on. Not just with the IIF, but also personally life has been good. I have been healthy most of the year so far, able to get a few ski trips in, gotten to make some trips to local events and also started dating a great new girl. All of this has left me with very little extra time. I want to share some of the things I’ve been able to do with you as I get back into posting here because when life is fun, you want to share what you are doing.

20130321-144312.jpgOne of the cooler things I was able to do is going to my first hockey game in years. I’m a huge New Jersey Devils fan, but haven’t been able to get to a game in a long time. I finally got to a game in February and it was great. There is a long story behind it, since I almost didn’t get to go, when I found out only one ticket was purchased instead of two through Living Social. Lisa the girl who I’m dating and who was in charge of ticket purchases made up for her mistake and we actually ended up with better seats. Only 8 rows from the ice and all the action. The Devils weren’t able to pull out the win, but it was still a great day since after we spent the day walking around the city, eating great food and seeing some jazz which is Lisa’s favorite.

Another great time was when we went up to Vermont for a weekend and I helped Lisa learn how to ski a little better. This was a weekend I was looking forward to, but was also nervous about. For weeks Lisa was telling me how bad she was and that she only skied greens. After one run I was able to tell she was much better than that. She actually was a good blue skier and I quickly got her to get out of her comfort zone. Before she knew it she was skiing down blues all day and really happy she was pushing herself more. Now all she wants to do is ski harder. Sunday we spent driving around VT and seeing some of the country which was really nice. It’s hard to complain about breathing in mountain air and laughing all day too.

Lastly, we decided a couple of weeks ago to see Monster Truck Rally. photo 2This was a joke in some ways, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We dressed up like they would in true southern style, put in some ear plugs to make sure we didn’t go deaf and enjoyed seeing the monster trucks jump all over the place. It was actually a lot of fun dressing up and having a little day of Texas in CT.

Overall things have been good, but I have been battling my health recently again. I wanted to save this for an upcoming post. Right now I’m even writing this from the hospital which will be my office for a little while it looks like. I’ll get into what is going on with my Crohn’s in a post soon, since that is a story of its own.

Never Stay Quiet!


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