Public Bathrooms With No Doors

View of the stall.
View of the stall.

Sometimes there are just things that aren’t right in society.  Some of them we can’t do anything about, others though we can have a voice and make changes.  The other day I was at a local sports bar in Norwalk, CT and when I went to the bathroom there was no door on the stall.  As an Inflammatory bowel disease patient for the last 20 years and one who lives with an ostomy now, I was amazed to see this.  How could an established sports bar like this one not have something as simple as a door on their stall.

I took a moment to think about while I was there.  Being someone who is extremely comfortable with my ostomy I had used it.  My thought process was that whoever might walk into the bathroom right now will just get a lesson in ostomy awareness.  It might just be another chance for me to bring awareness to the cause.

View from the stall.
View from the stall.

As I was sitting there doing my thing, I began to think about all the other people in a similar situation as me or how about just regular people who might want a little privacy when they use the bathroom.  As a Crohn’s patient I thought about all my IBD friends who wouldn’t be comfortable with this.  What about those few that have an ostomy who don’t wish for others to see it, how are they supposed to handle this situation when they need to use the bathroom?

This is something that any person might not know about until it’s to late.  They would get to the restaurant, eat a good meal, all of a sudden have the urge to go, get to the bathroom and have no choice.  Someone with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis wouldn’t have a choice.  When the urge hits, you have to go and many times you have to go at that moment.  Sometimes without even enough time to get a friend to watch the door for you if you aren’t comfortable.

Needless to say I’m writing a letter to the owner of the restaurant.  This situation is something that shouldn’t be a situation at all.  How can a bar not have a door on their stall?  I understand that if it were a straight bar or club trying to be trendy, or maybe that will deter people from making a mess, doing drugs, or using the bathroom in any other way that it wasn’t meant for.  But what about the rest of us, the 99% of patrons that just might need to go to the bathroom and would like a little privacy.

I will let you know the outcome of writing management and the owner.  This is a perfect example of how we should:

 Never Stay Quiet!


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