Jennifer Jaff’s Memorial Service

A few weeks ago I attended the memorial service for my good friend Jennifer Jaff.  It was a day which I will always remember and one which I found very inspiring.  As I’ve written before, Jennifer and I have a lot in common.  With everything we have in common I actually heard so many things about who she was and how she worked which showed me even more about the amazing woman who I still and will always look at as a mentor of mine but more importantly a friend.  Below is the video of her memorial service.  It is long, but it’s inspiring and shares the story of an incredible person who touched so many lives.

Since the memorial I have actually been very ill and in daily pain.  Still I’ve been trying to get work done and put myself in a good position in 2013 to continue to help others with the Intense Intestines Foundation.  I believe Jenn’s spirit still lives within me as I continue to battle my Crohn’s, yet somehow find the energy to want to assist others in their journey with these diseases and others.  Watching her memorial service again has given me another boost of energy and I think it always will.  The day was not one of mourning, it was a day remembering an incredible person who helped countless people in her time here on earth.

These are pictures of the short material they gave out at Jennifer’s memorial:

Front Page
Front Page
Middle Pages
Middle Pages
Back Page
Back Page

Jenn will always be missed, but what we can do is work as hard as she would in order to carry on her memory and help others with Inflammatory bowel disease as well as other diseases too.  I can go on forever about Jenn and in time I’m sure I will share even more about how she changed my life and helped me in so many ways.

Never Stay Quiet!


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