The Inner Man by Plato

Beauty depends on simplicity-I mean the true simplicity

of a rightly and nobly ordered mind and character.

He is a fool who seriously inclines to weigh the beautiful

by any other standard than that of the good.

The good is the beautiful.

Grant me to be beautiful in the inner man.


I wanted to share this poem because I believe it has to do with being the best we person we can be.  If we try to be the best person we can possibly be, then we will attain true beauty as a person as well.  Life isn’t all about being perfect, it isn’t about money, life should be about being a good citizen and helping others.  If we can at least try to do the right thing, then we’re on our way to being beautiful.

A big part of the way I’ve always wanted to live was to at the very least try to do the right thing.  This isn’t always easy because emotions and reality does get in the way.  When I’ve been wronged, I know I haven’t always reacted the way I wish I would have when I look back on the situation.  Still I will always try to do my best to make the correct choices and take the path that I know I would be proud of following when I can.

Never Stay Quiet!


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