Life Owes Me Nothing

Life Owes Me Nothing

Life owes me nothing. Let the years
Bring cloud or azure, joy or tears;
Already a full cup I’ve qualified;
Already wept and love and laughed.
And seen, in ever-endless ways,
New beauties overwhelm the days.

Life owes me nought. No pain that waits
Can steal the wealth from memory’s gates;
No aftermath of anguish slow
Can quench the soul fire’s early glow.
I breathe, exulting every breath,
Embracing Life, ignoring Death.

Life owes me nothing. One clear morn
Is boon enough for being born;
And be ninety or ten,
No need for me to question when.
While Life is mine, I’ll find it good.
And greet each hour with gratitude.


I found this poem touching when I read it this morning. Yesterdays tragedy was a horrific event and sadly events such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary are able to happen. This poem talks about life and death and how we must live our short lives to the fullest. The last line I believe to be very powerful. We have to greet each our with gratitude, because we can never be sure when this will end or even worse when it might be taken from us.

Sandy Hook will be in our thoughts for a very long time. Let’s learn from this and make the changes which clearly need to be made. Our teachers shouldn’t have to deal with these horrible events. It isn’t part of their job description to deal with murders. On top of that, parents should be able to know that their children are safe when they’re dropped off at school an aren’t in their supervision. Most of all the children should never have to learn about what to do if a shooter comes into their school. They shouldn’t have to attend school and learn about the possibility of a terrible event happening to them. Kids should feel safe and know that they’re taken care of when away from their parents. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!

Never Stay Quiet!

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