You Have To Love Maroon 5

This is the new Maroon 5 video Daylight, which is made out of footage from regular people.  No celebrities appear in it.

I’m a big Maroon 5 fan.  After this video, I’m an even bigger fan.  Now I’m looking forward to seeing them in February even more!  It’s important for those celebrities and groups, such as Maroon 5 to bring attention to important issues.  If a regular citizen makes a video like this one, it might go viral but chances are that it would never reach the amount of people that this will now.  It covers countless topics and important issues.

This song and video are great for many reasons.  The lyrics are extremely powerful and easily make you think about a loved one, who you never want to be away from.  It brings up strong emotions for me about those people who I’ve loved, missed or want to even cuddle with.  When the daylight comes each day there are people who I will always think of and wish were by my side all day long.  Never realistic for that to happen, but still wouldn’t mind always coming home to those that I love after the daylight hours.

It also makes you think about doing the most that you can with the few hours we have each day here.  None of us want to waste the little time we know that this adventure called life allows us.  For me the video makes me think about my entire life,  the past, what is going on in the present and what will be ahead for me as well.  We should appreciate every second we have here, whether is be during the day or at night.  With the 24 hours of the day we should always try to be the best we can be and try our best to never hurt others.  Goes back to the old saying of “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”.

Make sure that those friends who you’re close with know how much you enjoy their company.  Tell those who you appreciate that you are happy that you have them in your life.  And let those that you love, know that you love them with all your heart.

Never Stay Quiet!

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