New Way Of Teaching, New Way Of Learning

Going to be very honest with all of you, growing up I wasn’t a great student. I went to school with the attitude of, if people get paid to do work in the real world then I want to get paid for doing work all day too. It wasn’t exactly the correct thought process or a proper one in order to foster a hard work ethic. I struggled through high school and even college at times.

Something all of a sudden clicked at one point, I realized the power of a good education. I began to start to enjoy learning everything I could. Today I read almost every day and teach myself something new each day. My next big project is learning Spanish for work. I knew a good amount a long time ago, but I purchased Rosetta Stone in order to teach me all that I’ve forgotten.

Now that I’m a student of everything life can throw in my direction, I find the process of learning and teaching extremely interesting. The different ways of bringing a new subject to a student are endless and teachers have so many choices when it comes to how they want to teach a given subject. Many work countless hours in order to prepare materials for their students in order to give them the best chance of learning possible.

The new way to learn.  Watching lectures at home on an IPad, then doing work with teachers at school.
The new way to learn. Watching lectures at home on an IPad, then doing work with teachers at school.

On the other hand there are just as many different ways in order to learn something. The options of how to learn something have changed in this last few years. Now a person can learn a complicated subject but just sitting in front of the computer or tablet. Many minds take information in differently as well, so the student has to find which way works best for them as well.

Today I read the article below and found it interesting how the structure of school is changing entirely. No longer does a student sit in hours and hours of lectures. Then do hours and hours of homework later. Things have actually started to be flipped. Now students are watching their lectures by different technologies like YouTube at home, where they can take notes on the video at their own pace. Then when in school they do all the work with their teachers.

Wow have times changed. The entire process is extremely interesting to me. I think I would be a much better student now, with these techniques being used. It seems like a much more effective way to learn with less pressure while watching lectures. Allowing students to take notes without being rushed. Then doing their work with teachers that know the subject, instead of being alone or with parents that don’t know what might be going on.

As technology continues to change at such a rapid pace, I wonder what the next step will be.  How will people be learning in 5 or 10 years.  Chances are there will be very few libraries in the country I’m guessing.  The teachers need to get credit here also, they have to adapt to an entirely different style of teaching which was different from the one they learned.  Hopefully they’ll get the appreciation they deserve, which they rarely do.

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