Truth about Crohnies.
A little truth about Crohnies.

Other then the fact the term “Crohnies” is spelled with on N and not two, I found this funny and somewhat accurate.  I had to share this.

I believe that each section has some truth to it.  I don’t like taking things to an extreme like this does, but it clearly gets the point across about how people with Crohn’s and colitis might sometimes be viewed.

Personally, my favorite two are the Grey’s Anatomy reference just because that show has made some mistakes in how they portray Crohn’s and ostomies in its history.  The other is the Ferris Bueller reference, because if we’re diagnosed at a young age we all go through that.  Even as we get older people tend to think we aren’t really sick because Crohn’s and colitis are invisible diseases.

Never Stay Quiet!


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