Humira Day

Humira Day

Today was a Humira filled day. Not only did I get my shipment of it, but it was also the day I was due for my shot.

I still don’t like injecting myself, for some reason it’s hard for me. With all that I’ve been through, I know that there are worse things.

So I take a deep breath, push the purple button and wait for the little yellow slider to come down and tell me all the medication is in me.

Then I keep holding my breath and hope that the Humira works also.

Never Stay Quiet.

5 thoughts on “Humira Day

  1. Seeing the picture made me shudder. I can’t get those days out of my head. Humira really messed me up physically and mentally. My damn skin is so messed up from psoriasis now that the damn meds for that won’t work. And now I cringe at needles..again. I was finally getting used to them.

    But, hopefully you are doing well on it and it is working. I know many people do have good results with it so hopefully you do.

  2. I know what u mean, I cannot inject myself,any more. My hisband does it for me. That is until I got a bill,from them for aboutm$1600. I can no longer afford this medicine. They are charging me $2500 per month, half of which is covered by insurance and humira pays up to $500. And i was supposed to,cover the rest That bill is for only 3 months. I cannot pay it at all right now. I am on disability. And there is no money for it in my budget. When I first started it it was $990″ per month i did not have to pay any money, which was fine. Noe they changed the price and I never received any notification for,that. Is there anything I can do or anywhere I can go for help. My monthly health insurance has gone up by about $150 per month. And I don’t know how much longer I can pay this. I,am in a real dilemma. Any ideas for me? Thanks for listening.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation Ellen. I know that Abbott does have a program to help people who need assistance with their medication. There would be some paper work involved, but it sounds like you might qualify for help in order to get the Humira you need. Also, some doctors offices are able to get samples of the medication and use them for emergency purposes such as this. Maybe try you GI for help. If not, you might want to see if one of the other medications like it is covered, such as Remicade or Cimzia. I hope this helps a little and that you’re able to find a way to get your medicine. ~Brian

      1. Thanks for ur comment Brian, but Abbott has turned me down And there seems to be no other foundations available to help with the cost of this medicine. Believe me I have tried each and every one I could find. Are u aware that there is not much help for ulcerative colitis? There is more help for crohns than uc. So I am stuck right now, but who knows what the next few weeks might bring? ?

        1. Hi Ellen, I’m so sorry to hear that they weren’t able to help you out. Like I mentioned, the last thing I would try is to see if your GI is able to get any samples for you. I know my GI has a good amount in the office for these cases and other reasons as well. I’m aware also that there is not as much help for UC then Crohn’s. My best guess is because Crohn’s disease is the more severe of the two IBD’s. They’re so similar that they should be treated the same in my mind, but unfortunately they aren’t. Hope that things work out for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do and I will try.

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